Published: Tue, November 07, 2017
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New Netflix scam targets millions of customers worldwide

New Netflix scam targets millions of customers worldwide

Netflix customers are being warned about a phishing email that attempts to obtain subscribers' personal information and payment data.

The letter looks a valid email from the streaming company and convinces customers to update their information including personal and credit card information.

The email looks pretty legitimate, complete with Netflix logo and avoids numerous usual giveaways such as poor spelling and grammatical errors.

Flagged late last week by Mailguard, the new email scam comes in a phishing email that's been meticulously created to look like it came straight from Netflix itself, using the company logo and everything. Screenshots revealed that the emails asked Netflix subscribers to validate their billing information or have their memberships suspended.

If you receive an email from Netflix today, 'Chill, ' but don't click without thinking first.

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Users are encouraged to give their log-in details and their credit card info in order to prevent their account from being suspended. No Netflix executives exist with that name, according to Mashable.

A Netflix email scam has targeted millions of subscribers worldwide.

As a result, the greeting on the email reads "Hi, #name#", a dead giveaway that the email didn't come straight from Netflix. Netflix users should be extra cautious while reading and responding to any emails as they could be risking their sensitive information.

Already 110 million Netflix subscribers have been targeted, Deadline reports. This email originated from the asking the account details of the users.

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