Published: Thu, November 09, 2017
Markets | By Lucia Cruz

Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing now available in kegs

Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing now available in kegs

But the keg isn't all, they have a whole holiday collection.

Not quite the size of a college party keg, this baby measures 9.7 inches tall, 6.3 inches wide and can store up to 5 liters of ranch dressing.

Now one may think, how will an entire keg of ranch dressing stay good to eat?

The keg has a special coating on the inside that reportedly meets Food and Drug Administration regulations, and will keep the ranch tasting fresh right down to the last dip.

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Looking for ideal Christmas gift for someone who loves ranch dressing?

Hidden Valley has announced a line of holiday gifts. It is a year supply of Hidden Valley Ranch after all!

Customers who want it under the Christmas tree this year can pre-order it now with shipping beginning on December 1.

Ranch, of course, is a mayo-based salad dressing invented by Hidden Valley Ranch in the 1950s.

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