Published: Sat, November 04, 2017
Sci-tech | By Jose Becker

BlizzCon 2017: Overwatch to Get New Hero Moira, New BlizzardWorld Map Soon

BlizzCon 2017: Overwatch to Get New Hero Moira, New BlizzardWorld Map Soon

Along with BlizzardWorld, we also saw a brand new hero, Moira. One of the first things that the company made a decision to unveil was not only a new Overwatch map and animated short, but they showed off a new hero as well. She will also sport a movement ability, fade, which will allow her to quickly teleport over a short distance. To see her trailer, look further up the article.

"Moira" is the new support healer on her way to Overwatch, offering a mix of damage-dealing and healing abilities. At the same time, she can use her biotic grasp as an attack to sap health from enemies to fuel her resources, or use her biotic orb AoE to deal damage to the enemy team instead of healing. Blizard has already launched the hero page for Moira which details her skills. Moira can also charge her Coalescence ability to simultaneously rescue multiple teammates from elimination or finish off weakened opponents. Her left hand expels biotic energy that can heal her allies, while her right hand shoots out energy that can damage enemies. Her ultimate looks like a combined super-beam that heals all allies caught in it, or drains all enemies. There's no release date set for the latest Overwatch hero yet, though it's likely she'll arrive with the Blizzard World map.

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The new map, Blizzard World, is a theme park packed with references to every other Blizzard property, from StarCraft to Lost Vikings.

Finally, we leave you with this new Overwatch short called "Honor and Glory" that tells the emotional - seriously, there might be tears - story of how Reinhardt and his brother fought during the Omnic wars. Blizzard World is a hybrid map, part Assault, part Payload, and is scheduled to go live in early 2018.

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