Published: Sat, October 28, 2017
Medical | By Ismael Lynch

One in six people in England have mental health problems

One in six people in England have mental health problems

The report says that people suffering from mental health issues costs the United Kingdom economy up to £99 billion a year, and claims there is a lack of support from employers.

The report's authors rightly note that individuals with mental ill health and poor well-being, including those with a serious mental health problem, can - with the right support -still be thriving at work and contribute positively to an employer's business.

The Chief Executive Officer, Retreat, Dr Olufemi Oluwatayo, a General Psychiatrist, said the free treatment and the health awareness were meant to draw attention to mental health and to raise mental awareness in the workplace.

As most employers will recognise, sickness management procedures can be long, expensive and frustrating for all parties, in particular where mental health issues are involved. Not only is there a big human cost of poor mental health at work but the authors estimate that employers are now losing £42billion each year due to staff suffering from mental health problems and being less productive, less effective, or off sick, while the annual cost to the United Kingdom economy as a whole is up to £99 billion.

The impact of poor mental health is slowly coming out of its silent illness shell.

With up to 300,000 people with long-term mental health problems leaving their jobs each year, it's important for employers to pay attention.

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The Government has now announced both the Civil Service and the National Health Service - two of the largest United Kingdom employers - will abide by the report's recommendations.

They made 40 recommendations for employers, government and regulators, and called on all employers - regardless of size or industry - to adopt six "mental health core standards".

Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed to follow up on the report's recommendations.

'So we need to take action.

The report urged the government to "consider legislative change to enhance protections for employees with mental health conditions, particularly fluctuating mental health conditions, and clarify the role of employers in providing reasonable adjustments". That's why I am immediately asking NHS England and the Civil Service, which together employ more than two million people, to accept the recommendations that apply to them, ' she said.

Produce, implement and communicate a "mental health at work" plan. It reveals that Britain faces a bigger challenge on mental health at work than experts thought.

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