Published: Sun, September 10, 2017
Global | By Maureen Mccoy

European Union must avoid rupture with Turkey, France's Macron says

European Union must avoid rupture with Turkey, France's Macron says

French president Emmanuel Macron said Thursday that he hoped that, in the case of other crises, in the future the European Union would not have to make use again of worldwide organisms like the IMF.

The French leader is running up against resistance in Berlin despite conciliatory public signals from German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Macron also underlined Thursday that he remained in "very regular contact" with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. He said the ESM should be reformed and replace the International Monetary Fund in Europe.

"Ego oversized, arrogance" Emmanuel Macron gets a suit in the American pressThe New York Times, who in May saw the new head of state in France as " a new hope for Europe ", already considers Emmanuel Macron as a vitriolic forum written by a professor specializing in European politics".

"Our generation can choose to [do this]. we must find the strength to rebuild Europe", he said.

White House Orders Russia to Close San Francisco Consulate, Other Annexes
She added the US hoped both countries could now move toward "improved relations" and "increased cooperation". They are in New York, Seattle and Houston.

UN Chief Antonio Guterres Urges Myanmar to Give the Rohingya Legal Status
Last October, Rohingya insurgents attacked police, setting off an army operation that targeted Rohingya villagers. He is expected to raise the issue of the exodus of the ethnic Rohingyas into neighbouring countries.

NIA continues raids in Kashmir
The NIA on Wednesday conducted raids at 11 locations in Srinagar and 5 in Delhi in connection with the Funding case. It said that raids were conducted at 9 locations in Kashmir and one each in Jammu and Gurugram.

He said he would unveil a "road map" for the EU in a few weeks, after Germany's September 24 election, and wanted European leaders to agree before the end of the year to launch public debates in the first half of 2018 during which citizens will be able to discuss their vision for the bloc.

"We would like to support growth which is returning to Greece, as we have showed solidarity so far", Macron said, urging Greece to continue on the reform path and that its global creditors would eventually take measures for the relief of the Greek debt load.

Euro zone governments in June approved another 11th-hour credit line for Greece worth almost US$10 billion (RM42 billion) after the International Monetary Fund said it would in principle join the country's current bailout having hesitated for two years.

Macron also said he backed the idea of giving Britain's 78 seats in the European Parliament to pan-EU representatives elected by all of the EU's citizens after Brexit.

"Today we can say with certainty that the country is turning a page", Greek premier Alexis Tsipras said in his address at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre.

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