Published: Mon, August 07, 2017
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Soldiers assault military base in Venezuela in 'attempted coup'

Soldiers assault military base in Venezuela in 'attempted coup'

Venezuela's armed forces issued a statement calling the rebellion an ill-fated "propaganda show" aimed at destabilizing the country and reaffirmed their allegiance to Maduro.

She said the application was based on alleged irregularities in last Sunday's controversial election.

Lopez was released from prison July 8 and placed under house arrest after serving three years of a 13-year sentence on charges of inciting violence at opposition rallies. He returned home again Saturday.

He accused his Argentine counterpart, Mauricio Macri, of trying to impose a "blockade" on Venezuela and US President Donald Trump of wanting to grab the country's vast oil reserves.

In a country that has been rocked by turmoil for months, NPR's Reeves urged caution in weighing competing claims around the supposed uprising. More than 100 people have been killed, almost 2,000 wounded and more than 500 detained.

Maduro also wants the assembly to strip opposition lawmakers of their constitutional immunity from prosecution, saying their constant conspiring to oust him shouldn't be protected.

At least one person died and another was injured in the attack, says El Pais.

"Each step by the Constituent Assembly is a step towards the precipice by this government", the leader of the opposition parliament, Julio Borges, told a news conference in Caracas on Sunday.

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Local reporters published videos appearing to show dozens of Venezuelans near the base in Valencia, taking to the streets to protest the government before being pushed back with tear gas.

On Saturday, it ordered the dismissal of the attorney general, Luisa Ortega, who had broken ranks with Maduro to become one of his most vociferous critics. "The only thing it's doing is destroying itself and committing suicide".

In the afternoon, at a public meeting and televised, the members of the new constituent Assembly had voted to hand exercise his revocation.

The president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, has said on Twitter that this reference "is one more step in the breakdown of the democratic and does not contribute to the peace for the venezuelan people".

Venezuela had been temporarily suspended in December. The new decision will make it harder for the country to return to good standing since the new suspension can be lifted only when the bloc is satisfied that Venezuela has restored democratic order.

In a tweet, Ortega asked the worldwide community to denounce what she called "this arbitrary action".

During his inauguration speech, Delcy Rodriguez, a friend of Mr Maduro, who was nicknamed "the tigress", has firmly rejected such criticism: "for the worldwide community (...) the message is clear, very clear: we, Venezuelans, will solve our conflict, our crisis, without any kind of foreign interference".

According to the government, more than eight million Venezuelans participated in Sunday's National Constituent Assembly (ANC) vote, or 41% of the Venezuelans able to vote. But the agenda is expected to be set by bigger-name loyalists, including Maduro's wife, son and several Cabinet ministers who resigned to join the body. Military intervention is not the means to an end for it would prolong the dispute between Venezuela's government and opposition.

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