Published: Wed, August 23, 2017
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Missouri State Senator Apologizes for to President Trump for Assassination Post

Missouri State Senator Apologizes for to President Trump for Assassination Post

State Senate Democratic leader Gina Walsh called the comment "horrible".

Chappelle-Nadal said that although she should not have posted the statement, she was exercising her First Amendment right.

She asked media outlets to not publish the news conference's location ahead of time because she said she received death threats over the remarks, according to The Associated Press.

The message that that has been sent to me by our God is that I'm here to serve as a teacher, as a translator but most of all as a servant.

Ms Chappelle-Nadal was later questioned by the USA secret service as part of its investigation into her remarks. I have learned my lesson. She said it was in response to the way she believed Trump himself responded to the protests in Charlottesville. "And it doesn't matter what the last name of the president is, whether it be Trump, Obama, Clinton, Bush". Chappelle-Nadal told News 4 that while she is sorry for her comment, it was born out of frustration given the current political climate.

Governor Eric Greitens and Lieutenant Governor Mike Parson, both Republicans, said on Friday that state senators should oust her.

The letter, dated Tuesday, goes on to cite Article III Section 18 of the state Constitution, which says the Senate may expel one of its members upon a two-thirds vote.

No bail for Charlottesville vehicle attack suspect James Fields
Originally from Kentucky, Fields, moved to OH and lived in Maumee, according to the New York Times Sunday. Downer, Jr. assigned Charles L. "Buddy" Weber to defend Fields, who said he could not afford a lawyer.

Trump's ghosterwriter predicts he will resign…soon
Robert Mueller, an American lawyer and former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was appointed in May by the U.S. President Donald Trump is going to quit as president, according to the man who wrote Donald Trump's Art of the Deal book.

Remains of sailors found on USS McCain
In a statement last week, the 7th Fleet said the June 17 collision "was avoidable, and both ships demonstrated poor seamanship". Ten American sailors are missing, and Indonesia, Singapore , and Malaysia are assisting the the search.

The latter option is so rare even Senate Majority Leader Mike Kehoe acknowledged that senators and staff were researching the process.

In January 2015, she filed a proposal in the Senate seeking the ouster of former Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, after the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson for only acknowledging "the existence of the African-American community on or about election day". "I do not think it is worthy of expelling me from the Senate".

The part-time Legislature works from January to May, during a typically brief veto session in September and whenever special sessions are called. "State Senator Chappelle-Nadal's comments are indefensible".

Upon issuing that apology, Chappelle-Nadal indicated no willingness to step down. On Sunday she declined to take questions from reporters but indicated her position had not changed.

She has maintained that she still has her supporters, circulating a petition website where her defenders can urge her to continue representing her district with online signatures and donations. That politician would have been forced to resign immediately and it would be on the 24-hour news cycle for days on end.

That is crossing a big, bright line, especially for a public official as experienced as Chappelle-Nadal. "This is a mountain out of a molehill", Lee said.

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