Published: Mon, July 17, 2017
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Street Fighter 5 Abigail Reveal Trailer

Street Fighter 5 Abigail Reveal Trailer

The trailer from Capcom shows Abigail as a strong character with attacks such as a running punch followed by a two-fisted slam down. Until now, Capcom has brought in Ed, Kolin, and Akuma for the game's second season.

In the second season of the Street Fighter 5 DLC, both the number and variety of characters have been increased.

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Making his way from Final Fight to Street Fighter V, Abigail was one of the top ranking members of the Mad Gear Gang. The character towers over his opposition in fights and looks to be a slow-moving, heavy-hitting behemoth. I'm already interested in Abigail given his massive size, and I'm definitely curious how to manage his footsie game given how little room he has to move around. Abigail served as one of the bosses of the later stages, but here he is in Street Fighter V, literally towering over the competition. However, those who have seen Abigail before will see how drastically he has changed from Final Fight.

Abigail's Critical Art sees him grab his opponent, stick them up into an imaginary stage ceiling, then use them as a punching bag before smashing them onto the camera. The pass is available for $29.99 and brings five other fighters and a bunch of battle costumes, too. His arrival in Street Fighter V on July 25 will mark the first time that he appears in the franchise. Even so, it doesn't rule out the possibility of more fan favorites coming to Street Fighter 5 through the game's Season 3 DLC. The new "Metro City Bay Area" will also be available as a new stage that can be purchased with Fight Money as well on July 25.

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