Published: Sun, June 11, 2017
Global | By Maureen Mccoy

Scottish SNP Lost Votes Due to Plans to Hold New Independence Referendum

Scottish SNP Lost Votes Due to Plans to Hold New Independence Referendum

Davidson's refusal to follow instructions from party headquarters has led to reports that she is ready to break the Scottish Conservatives away from their United Kingdom colleagues, which of course she has denied, but it is clear she has benefited from a level of autonomy, and that she may feel that more control is required if further progress is to be made north of the border.

But given the scale of the SNP's recent triumphs, Thursday's vote was a sizable setback for a party unused to such hindrances.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney said plans for a second referendum were a "significant motivator" which lost the SNP support, adding the party would "have to be attentive to that".

"I strongly suspect there were independence supporters amongst those who voted for Jeremy Corbyn", she said.

The campaign was dominated by talk of "indyref2" - a second referendum on Scottish independence.

The Conservative revival in Scotland has come on the back of the ebullient Davidson.

In fact, the longer-term story remains one of SNP dominance of nearly every form of election in Scotland, to the point that opponents declare success if the SNP sees a drop in seats but still wins overall.

Speaking to the Sunday Herald, Labour's Shadow Chancellor said: "No single party won this election and so Labour as the main opposition party demands the right to put before Parliament key policies from its manifesto that address the challenges our country faces and to seek majority support".

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The loss of Alex Salmond at Westminster is a devastating blow to the SNP. Across Scotland, the Tories have been heavily defeated, winning just one in seven seats. In North East Fife, Stephen Gethins, one of the SNP's strongest performers in Westminster over the past two years, scrapped back into parliament with just two votes to spare.

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said her new MPs will be firm opponents of a second independence referendum.

Events have shown Davidson was right to trust her own instinct during the election, and Theresa May should be grateful for that, because without the 13 seats won in Scotland, the Prime Minister would be described as the "former" Prime Minister today.

Remarkably, a disastrous night for the Conservatives in England was just about salvaged by the performance of the Tories' Scottish wing.

Mr Rennie said a vote should be held in Holyrood to "sist, delay and stop" another referendum in the current parliamentary term. So far, the party's overtly pro-EU stance has failed to cut through with many, despite a majority of Scots voting to remain in the European Union.

In reality, such a large proportion of SNP MPs was never really representative of the country, and the only direction the SNP could go in this election was downwards. After 10 years in power in Edinburgh, the nationalists found themselves increasingly called upon to defend their record on issues such as education and the state of the National Health Service in Scotland.

Among the biggest surprises on the night was the success of Scottish Labour. Sturgeon, once seen as such an asset to the nationalist cause, has become an increasingly divisive figure, with polls showing falling approval ratings for the first minister.

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