Published: Fri, June 09, 2017
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Alonso says he will quit F1 if season expands to 25 races

Alonso says he will quit F1 if season expands to 25 races

Fernando Alonso will stay at McLaren-Honda if the team wins by September, but has refused to give a more definitive answer on his plans for 2018.

The clock is ticking on McLaren's partnership with Honda, with Formula One team's boss saying he's been given the powers to tell the Japanese engine maker that enough is enough.

A follow-up question was asked a few minutes later, requesting clarification on what Alonso had said about leaving McLaren.

Previously, Alonso had said he wanted McLaren to show him they had a winning auto for 2018 by October. "If we are winning before September, then I will make a decision and I will stay". Winning by September is not on the cards for McLaren and his options to go elsewhere are extremely limited but he insisted he would move on.

"We all want to win".

"I want to win, and during this project I wanted to be world champion and we are not in that position". "You never know", he smiled, "you can not be 100 per cent certain in June about a decision for next year that I don't even start to consider".

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However, the Spaniard said he had not yet started to think seriously about his future.

"At this point in my career I consider a good quality in life is more important than to do more seasons in F1".

"I've always enjoyed the Canadian Grand Prix", added Alonso. "The circuit is unique in that it's very demanding on both the vehicle and driver".

The double world champion's comments ahead of Sunday's Canadian Grand Prix blow apart the consensus of silence that has shielded Liberty from paddock criticism for even their crankiest ideas. But at some point you need to make a decision as to whether that's achievable.

He added: "There's lots of things that go into the decision and we're entering that window now of "which way do you go when you come to the fork in the road".

"Honda's working very hard but they seem a bit lost", the American told Reuters. The track itself is similar to Sochi and Monte Carlo, a low-abrasion, low-grip surface with short-duration corners and the tyre selection in Montreal is also the same, including the ultrasoft rubber, which has proved most troublesome for Hamilton. "Everyone is proud of that race, that event", he said. "We have done some analysis but we will find whether or not there are new things we can improve on this weekend". The Spaniard, who only chose to race at the Indy 500 because of Honda's current predicament, is in the third and final year of his contract and has made it clear his top priority is finding a vehicle which can challenge for a third world championship.

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