Published: Tue, May 30, 2017
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Tamil fringe group protests against 'Kannadiga' Rajnikanth's entry in politics

Tamil fringe group protests against 'Kannadiga' Rajnikanth's entry in politics

The Tamil group and a section of political establishment are opposing Rajinikanth's entry into Tamilnadu politics saying he is not Tamilian. "As a friend who has known him for 35-40 years what I think is he will not join any national or regional party". However, the Union Transport Minister did not open up about the exact role of Rajinikanth in BJP.

Known for its galaxy of actor-turned-politicians, Tamil Nadu seems to be getting ready to welcome more star power. "I'm sure he would do lots of good things".

Recently, there were speculations of him joining the political world after his speech to fans calling for changing "the system" and preparing for a "war" set off a fierce political debate. "He is a Kannadiga and he can not enter politics in Tamil Nadu", said Veeralakshmi, one of the protesters. This is what prompted Swamy to call him an "outsider" to Tamil Nadu.

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Earlier in the day, the Tamilar Munnetra Padai, a pro-Tamil group staged a protest against Rajinikanth's possible entry into politics earlier today, stating that he was a Kannadiga. Addressing his fans Rajinikanth had stated, "You all gave me love, respect and fame". Political parties have expressed different views over the global superstar's entry into politics. The last time we discussed politics, he said he was not fit for it. He also added that he was "a pure Tamil" and that he has been in Tamil Nadu for more than forty years and spent just 23 years in the neighbouring state. You have been truly loving and welcoming and made me a true Tamilian.

"Even God can't save Tamil Nadu" if AIADMK was elected again, he said.

The TMP members, headed by their leader Veeralakshmi, had also raised slogans against the actor claiming that they did not want an actor, who came to Tamil Nadu from a neighbouring state to earn there and rule them.

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