Published: Mon, May 22, 2017
Global | By Maureen Mccoy

Syria 'categorically' denies United States accusations of mass killings

The government of President Bashar Assad has always been accused of killing thousands of prisoners and burying them in mass graves. "Although the regime's many atrocities are well documented, we believe that the building of a crematorium is an effort to cover up the extent of the mass murders taking place in Saydnaya", he continued.

Syria's foreign ministry said on Tuesday that the "US administration's accusations against the Syrian government of a so-called crematorium in Saydnaya prison, in addition to the broken record about the use of barrel bombs and chemical weapons, are categorically false".

"We are appalled by the atrocities that have been carried out by the Syrian regime", seemingly "with the unconditional support" of Russian Federation and Iran, Stuart Jones, acting assistant secretary of state for the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, told reporters Monday at the State Department.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry issued an official statement, which says that the prison crematorium was nothing more but a "game of imagination of the U.S. administration".

The US State Department is alleging that the Assad regime has executed thousands of prisoners at Saydnaya military prison, located outside of Damascus, using a crematorium to dispose of the bodies in an attempt to hide evidence of the crimes.

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The Trump administration is a willingness to respond to these massacres done by the Syrian government which also included the use chemical weapons and other deadly killer agents to wipe out some of the many places.

Satellite images released by the State Department appear to back up claims by numerous human rights organizations that thousands of prisoners have been tortured and hanged at the prison since the onset of the civil war that has ravaged the country for six years. The images, which started to be taken in 2013, do not prove the building is a crematorium, but show construction consistent with such use.

Last February, Amnesty International (AI) claimed that mass hangings had occurred at the facility between 2011 and 2015.

Syrian opposition spokesman Salem Meslet said the United States allegations were "credible" and not surprising. An estimated 400,000 people have died in the Syrian war, according to the United Nations.

Last month, in retaliation for the chemical attacks done on Syrian civilians by the government, the USA had launched its cruise missiles that strike on the air force base located in an undisclosed region near the Syrian capital.

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