Published: Mon, May 15, 2017
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One month to celebrate a lifetime of love

One month to celebrate a lifetime of love

Even as adults, we seek out a little nurturing and a little mothering now and then.

Many Philosophers are of the view that Mother is the first school for the child and it is quite true as she is the teacher and guide for us.

Mother stands for millions of things she does for and gives to her children; it also stands for all the sacrifices pain, grief and sorrows which she has to undergo throughout her lifetime for her family. "Find comfort knowing that she will always be with you, in your mind, in your heart and in your very soul".

Moms today spend more hours working outside the home than they did 50 years ago, but they also spend more time with their children than mothers did in the 1960s.

The third option can be giving her a day off from the daily chores. And she's right - she did but she never said that during my life, at least not that I recall.

Being a mother is the toughest job in the world and you performed this job with all perfection and affection, thanks for shaping up my life mommy. "Mother" is one of the most attractive and highly recognized words in any language. What incredible strength mothers have, what profound love, what deep mercy and compassion.

Pentagon says it will arm Syrian Kurds, despite Turkey's objections
Both are likely to be needed if Kurdish troops are to successfully penetrate Raqqa, well fortified by Islamic State militants. A Turkish delegation briefly met with President Trump on Monday, according to a report in the Turkish Daily Sabah newspaper.

Oosthuizen, Stanley share lead at Players Championship
From the pine straw left of the 15th fairway, he managed to get it on the green and lagged beautifully from almost 60 feet. His round was the only one of the day without a bogey, and his streak of holes without dropping a shot is now at 28.

Jakarta governor jailed on blasphemy charge
Outside the court Tuesday, supporters of Ahok wept while members of Islamic groups punched the air in celebration. His lawyer, I Wayan Sudiarta, said Ahok would appeal the ruling.

Life began with waking up and loving my mother's face. They had recently gone to Japan together as well, and they both mean a lot to me. Have you ever heard the saying, "The most powerful thing parents can do for their children is to love each other"?

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mom's out there.

A special "Happy Mother's Day" to all of my moms. She tries her best to go the third mile with each of them. "That's why you have these notions around, 'My husband will let me sleep in, my husband will give me the day off".

I live with my mom and don't know what to get her for Mother's Day, and I have no money anyway. The video, which is titled "Worth It: Thank You Mom", depicts several mothers and their relationships not only with their families but with their bikes. A nice card and some flowers are the least you can do. Because of our mothers' love, we learn to love, as well and we feel God's love more profoundly. If you don't get her anything else, get her one of these.

Mom loved music. She was trained as an Opera singer and was starting to get fame. I may help coach the softball team for my 8-year-old and 9-year-old daughters, but that isn't because I felt a void in the lives of those other girls.

Dozens of moms were selected through local organizations for the banquet dinner, which will include child care, some spa services, a magic show and hip hop lessons.

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