Published: Sun, May 14, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Merle Christensen

Microsoft's new tools help devs manage cloud deployments on the go

Microsoft's new tools help devs manage cloud deployments on the go

Microsoft is providing an early look at new tools meant to help customers switch from Oracle's database to Microsoft's rival product in the cloud, Azure SQL Database as a Service. This will include application and infrastructure architecture guidance, best practice management templates, security support, proactive monitoring, troubleshooting and more.

From the data side, Microsoft announced a new Azure data migration service, which streamlines moving data systems to Azure, including Oracle and SQL Server.

As the amount and different types of data have exploded, so has the need for NoSQL databases like MongoDB (mongodb), Couchbase, and now Cosmos DB.

"What Orwell prophesied in '1984, ' where technology was being used to monitor, control, dictate, or what Huxley imagined we may do just by distracting ourselves without any meaning or goal", Nadella said.

Part of the reason for this shift is that enterprises were never comfortable with Amazon as their only public cloud option.

Something like Cosmos DB solves a fundamental problem for big tech and Fortune 500 companies, which is that they generate a ton of data in all sorts of formats that needs to be stored and then accessed quickly.

The company also hinted at the possibility that the partnership with Microsoft would extend to help it meet the needs of customers around the world.

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The company describes Cosmos DB as "schema agnostic", performing automatic indexing of data regardless of how it's structured and scaling to hundreds of trillions of transactions per day. Azure Cosmos DB is the result. That translates to a promise that database operations will happen fast and accurately-or else.

Technology consultant MSV Janakiram, who covers all the big cloud providers, said that this wide-ranging SLA is indeed an industry first.

Oracle founder Larry EllisonJustin Sullivan/GettyIn October 2015, Amazon announced a database migration service, specifically created to help big businesses move away from Oracle and into the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Enterprise development teams have used Windows as their primary environments, and their business leaders have invested in Microsoft offerings throughout their careers. Essentially, Azure and services like it let customers rent fundamentally unlimited supercomputing power from Microsoft's own data center.

Oracle has long held the top position in the database market and Microsoft has long looked on with envious eyes. It is a competitor to Amazon Web Services.

An interesting evolution has taken place over the past eight years or so since AWS began wooing businesses to the public cloud. The Cloud Shell brings support for the Bash Unix shell and command language, with support for Microsoft's own PowerShell due to be launched in the near-future.

That leaves Microsoft as well as Google and others to catch up.

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