Published: Thu, May 18, 2017
Life&Culture | By Kristin Armstrong

Is Harry Styles' "Two Ghosts" About Taylor Swift? (Probably.)

Is Harry Styles'

In an interview with BBC Radio 1 on Friday morning, the hosts went straight for the meaty query: Is "Two Ghosts" about Styles's ex, Taylor Swift?

Harry Styles was left red-faced when quizzed if his song Two Ghosts is about ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift, though he didn't deny it.

The slow, guitar-filled track speaks about a girl with blue eyes and red lips. Out promoting his debut album, Harry Styles, which seems heavily inspired by at least one ex, Styles is coming up against the expected challenge of a press tour about what seems to be a deeply personal album: personal questions.

Unless you've been living under a huge rock, you'll know that Harry Styles has launched his solo career and we're pretty much in love with EVERYTHING he's doing.

"The singer explained: "'Sweet Creature' is definitely about one person, but I think it's important to remember that there's many different types of things that could be about". Harry Styles is also calling a mystery girl out on his song Kiwi that discusses a girl who cries wolf to the tabloids. "I write from my experiences; everyone does that". Between those, his pink-hued suit, and his penchant for floral blouses, it's pretty easy to see why the singer is regarded as one of the most stylish men around: This guy takes RISKS, y'all! Then fans got caught up in the lyrics of another song where he talks about meeting a girl from New Zealand, and everyone wants to know whether he's joining the One Direction Daddy Club. That's the stuff that's hardest to say, and it's the stuff I talk least about.

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Did Harry Styles just pull a Taylor Swift!?

"It's one of the first ones we did, at a time when I was getting a lot of energy out".

Here are some of the reviews for Styles's album, Harry Styles.

Styles and Swift split in January 2013 after a few months of dating.

A third added: "Harry's album makes me so emotional I freakin love it #HarryStylesAlbum", and another even said it was "way better" than his former bandmate Zayn Malik's music.

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