Published: Wed, May 17, 2017
Sci-tech | By Jose Becker

Instagram Introduces Snapchat-like "Face Filters" | Here's how it Works

Instagram Introduces Snapchat-like

Then Instagram came along and launched its own Stories feature, backed by Facebook and and already huge userbase.

Instagram has rolled out face filters, meaning you can now enhance your selfies by adding cartoon-style filters before sending them to your friends.

Facebook-owned Instagram on Tuesday announced several new features, including face filters similar to the ones Snapchat debuted about 19 months ago that turned users into puppies and puking rainbow faces. "The way people use Instagram, it's just more of a camera app". Users will also now be able to hashtag stickers on photos and videos, play videos in reverse, and use an eraser tool on Stories. Simply called Rewind, the new feature can be found right in the middle of Boomerang mode and Hands-Free mode. Plus, you can add hashtags "stickers" to your stories. It lets you link your story post to a hashtag on the social network. Copying Snapchat's best features probably won't convert many 16-year-olds from Snapchat to Instagram, for example, but it also won't give many 30-year-olds a reason to try Snapchat, either. Akin to Snapchat, Facebook also recently debuted a camera with which users can add all sorts of silly filters and editing effects to pictures and video. We'll bring you more once they are. It's not just Instagram Stories, it's the Instagram feed.

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The new Instagram selfie filters are like the cherry on top, crowning all other copied elements to make a true Snapchat clone. Not on Instagram. The feature instead tacks on an ugly flower crown without getting any of the finer details right.

You can preview some of the filters in the promo video below.

Take a photo or video using the front- or back-facing camera. You can download the new 10.21 update on the App Store or Google Play Store. Facebook has also improved upon every core Snapchat feature, adding features and user experience (UX) polish, and opening the camera platform to developers in addition to an active user base with which Snapchat can't compete.

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