Published: Sat, May 13, 2017
Medical | By Ismael Lynch

DOH Reports VI's First Zika-Related Microcephaly Case

DOH Reports VI's First Zika-Related Microcephaly Case

Officials recorded 95% fewer cases between January and April than during the same period a year ago. The state of emergency had been declared in November 2015. Suastegui was the first pregnant woman in Nebraska to have a confirmed case of the mosquito-borne virus. One of those defects, microcephaly, causes babies to be born with skulls much smaller than expected.

Brazil's Health Ministry declared on Thursday that the country's public health emergency as a effect of the Zika virus is over.

The virus was reported in dozens of countries and many travellers cancelled their trips to Zika-infected places. "The ZIKA VLP vaccine offers an effective and safe strategy to create a prophylactic vaccine that protect against Zika infection as well as its serious effects such as microcephaly", said Jose M. Galarza, TechnoVax CEO. The states included in the analysis have the highest populations of Aedes aegypti, the mosquito most likely to carry and spread the Zika virus, the study authors noted.

Only one out of 185 pregnant women at a Los Angeles clinic who visited an active Zika area between January and August 2016 wound up infected, researchers report.

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"Zika can also be transmitted sexually, so people who have recently traveled to a Zika-affected area should take precautions to prevent transmission to others.

We have been stressing the importance of taking preventive measures, like using repellent and wearing appropriate clothing, and wanted to have this event to demonstrate what we have been saying about prevention", added Hoven.

There is still no treatment for the virus, as the only option is to reduce the risk of being bitten.

Though the accomplishment is cause for celebration, Brazilian officials say that they will not forget about the thousands of citizens who have already been affected by the virus, and they will continue fighting it until it is handled in its entirety.

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