Published: Tue, May 23, 2017
Sport | By Cecil Buchanan

Destiny 2 Will Not Be Coming To Nintendo Switch, Bungie Confirms

If all that wasn't enough, not only will Destiny 2 be on the PC, but that version will be, for the first time ever, on Blizzard's network.

On top of the various new locales, "end boss", Raid and Strikes, Destiny 2 Crucible games will all be played as 4v4 versus the varying number of players in the first title. But sadly, according to IGN, game director Luke Smith has announced at the gameplay reveal event in Los Angeles that the PC release will not happen until after the console one on September 8th, 2017.

In addition to the cinematic reveals of the Destiny 2 gameplay, there is a host of new images that have been debuted that showcase the new environments of the sequel along with exciting campaigns, gear, and PvP modes. Trails, raids, and nightfall will be available to all players through something brand new called Guided Games.

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One of the most interesting pieces of news to come out of the livestream, for PC players, was the service that Destiny will be purchased and launched through. The Destiny 2 will be all about uniting the guardians, working together and defeating the common foe that was responsible for colossal destruction. The PC version comes with various graphics options and an uncapped frame rate, but it won't be available on Steam.

That said, the gameplay trailer looks unbelievable and folks who have actually tried out the game already say that it's excellent. At first, fans were expecting the answer to be September 8, since that's when the console versions are arriving. The Titan is now equipped with his Sentinel, the Warlock is armed with the Dawnblade, and the Hunter will wield the Arcstrider. But when we can try them first hand? The trailer makes all of these looks pretty badass, but we'll see how they look in the game. Also present will be all the usual social features. No need to worry about the painfully narrow Field of View (FOV) shown in the Destiny 2 footage so far, because there'll be an "adjustable FOV" too.

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