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Volkswagen plans all-electric car for China next year

Volkswagen plans all-electric car for China next year

The concept is the I.D. Crozz, and it makes its world debut on Wednesday at the 2017 Shanghai auto show.

It employs four laser scanners popping up from the roof to detect cars, bikes, pedestrians and anything else that might stray into the I.D. Crozz's way, and also uses radar and ultrasonic sensors in concert with its stereo camera facing forward and cameras on each side of the auto.

A production model is due in 2020, and hopefully by then there will be some insight into how this will work in China's chaotic traffic environment. It also showcased a couple of more hybrids and concept electric shuttle bus "Sedric" at the Geneva Motor Show in March and the North American International Motor Show in Detroit last week.

GM said its Velite 5 hybrid will be sold not as a Chevrolet but by its Buick unit, which has modest sales elsewhere but is GM's main brand in China.

A further advantage of having the electric transmission's components laid out in this way is that it keeps the car's centre of gravity low - as low as in a sports auto - and also allows the vehicle to distribute power to whichever of the wheels is most suitable.

The all-wheel drive I.D.

The ID Crozz is only concept, just like its predecessors. CROZZ seeks to remove any CUV boxiness while retaining sportiness.

The MEB models are based on long wheel base and a battery system that is installed under the floor. A thin, elongated greenhouse emphasizes forward movement, as do the slightly upward curving lines of the bodywork.

Last year, Volkswagen revealed plans for the new all-electric and autonomous I.D range, which should arrive in the United Kingdom by 2020.

It features VW's C-Shaped light design signature on the front and a wraparound LED fitted into a black glass rear end on the back. This is because the I.D. They also create ambient lighting visible inside and out.

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The zero emission design of the I.D.

Inside, the Volkswagen I.D. Seating can be slid, swiveled, and folded to accommodate cargo or passengers, as needed. Meanwhile, a new CleanAir system continually guarantees good air quality in the vehicle - in all outdoor conditions. CROZZ drives with autopilot.

The third member in Volkswagen's series of I.D. concepts has been revealed.

At first glance, it's clear that Audi's Sportback is closer to a production version than this concept from VW. Clearly, the latter worked better than the former. No problem. Simply slide it crosswise into the rear seating area.

Another interesting idea in the I.D. When the Crozz is parked, delivery services can drop off packages in its trunk. The 18.2-cubic foot (515 liter) trunk can be temporarily accessed by anyone authorized by the vehicle's owner, allowing packages to be left in the trunk for pickup by others as needed.

Also at the very heart of the concept is autonomous, self-driving technology, which the company expects to be available on these cars from about 2025. There's a fancy multi-function steering wheel too, which folds away when the Crozz is switched to its fully autonomous mode.

The race to electric supremacy within the auto industry is on and Volkswagen recently unveiled its latest contender. At the same time, four laser scanners integrated into the roof are deployed to enable the I.D. Crozz to detect other road users in combination with a range of proximity sensing technology, including both ultrasonic and radar sensors as well as front stereo and side-view cameras.

Powering the Volkswagen I.D. (353 mm) lower than the I.D. Buzz. These batteries power two electric motors (one on each axle).

The I.D. Crozz is powered by a pair of electric motors: a 201-horsepower motor in the rear doing the bulk of the work in most situations, and a 101-hp motor on the front axle that adds power and traction as needed. CROZZ a weight distribution of 48:52 front:rear, giving it what VW claims are excellent handling characteristics.

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