Published: Tue, April 18, 2017
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Pence warns NKorea 'era of strategic patience is over'

Pence warns NKorea 'era of strategic patience is over'

Putting an even finer point on the U.S.'s relationship with Kim moving forward, the vice president said: "The era of strategic patience is over".

Then, on Sunday morning, North Korea launched a test missile that blew up no more than five seconds after takeoff.

"Just in the past two weeks, the world witnessed the strength and resolve of our new president in actions taken in Syria and Afghanistan".

In-Ryong also cited U.S. military training drills with South Korean troops as "aggressive war exercises" promoting "real warfare".

It has carried out five nuclear tests -- two of them previous year -- and multiple missile launches, one of which saw several rockets come down in waters provocatively close to Japan last month.

Pyongyang has carried out missile and nuclear tests in defiance of United Nations sanctions, and has been working to develop a nuclear-topped missile that could strike the USA mainland, although US officials say this capability is still several years away.

On Thursday, the USA military said it had dropped the "mother of all bombs", the largest non-nuclear device it has ever unleashed in combat, on a network of caves and tunnels used by Islamic State in Afghanistan.

"We're not getting along with Russian Federation at all", Trump said.

Pence declared that North Korea had tested the world's patience for two decades and "answered our overtures with wilful deception, broken promises and nuclear and missile tests". Later today, Pence will meet with National Assembly Speaker Chung Sye-kyun to discuss President Trump's North Korea policy and THAAD.

Also, K.T. McFarland, Trump's deputy national security adviser, wouldn't comment on whether the US sabotaged North Korea's missile test, told Fox News.

Amid the growing tensions between America and North Korea, Pyongyang carried out a ballistic missile test that failed near the Sinpo shipyard on Sunday, according to the US and South Korea.

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"The people of North Korea, the military of North Korea, should not mistake the resolve of the United States of America to stand with our allies", he said.

China sent the Trump administration "positive signals" that it will increase economic sanctions to pressure ally North Korea to abandon its development of nuclear weapons and missiles, a threat that has raised the prospect of a military confrontation with the United States, the State Department revealed Monday.

He also said the government was considering measures to respond to contingencies stemming from a potential crisis on the Korean peninsula, including floods of refugees and how to evacuate Japanese citizens from South Korea.

Pyongyang insists it needs a powerful arsenal - including atomic weapons - to protect itself from what it says is the ever-present threat of U.S. invasion.

However, a USA foreign policy adviser travelling with Pence sought to defuse some of the tension, saying Sunday's test of what was believed to be a medium-range missile had come as no surprise.

Pyongyang is seeking to develop a long-range missile capable of hitting the United States mainland with a nuclear warhead, and has so far staged five nuclear tests, two of them a year ago.

"It is heartening to see China commit to these actions". Lu said Beijing wants to resume the multi-party negotiations that ended in stalemate in 2009 and suggested that USA plans to deploy a missile defence system in South Korea were damaging its relations with China.

The DMZ is the highly-fortified de facto border between North and South Korea. But China furiously objects to its deployment, saying it could spy on its own defence installations, and has taken apparent retaliatory action against South Korean firms operating in its country.

Meanwhile, Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reiterated his believe that pressure, not only dialogue, is necessary in dealing with North Korea's missile and nuclear threat.

To achieve this new strategy, the administration is relying heavily on China, a country President Donald Trump spent his entire campaign railing against, but has since stopped as it became clear North Korea would be a top priority requiring China's help.

Pence will be tasked with explaining the policy in meetings with leaders in South Korea and Japan at the start of his trip, which will also include stops in Indonesia and Australia.

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