Published: Thu, April 13, 2017
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Pearl Mackie wants to star in Bond movie

Pearl Mackie wants to star in Bond movie

I think you looked very cool there. "She is not afraid of things that happen to her or of what the Doctor shows".

For the past two seasons, Peter Capaldi has played the titular role. The new promo offers what seems to be the first glance at the Tenth Doctor's regeneration.

"But it's gonna go past 10 years!"

"We treat everything from Bill's point of view, which makes it a new show". The BBC should never have taken it off the air. Those 16 years were the first 16 years of my life.

The upcoming season of Doctor Who will be the end of Scottish actor Peter Capaladi's three-season run playing the titular role.

This is somewhat unexpected since Capaldi was previously said to be sticking around through the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas Special.

What's it like working with Peter Capaldi and Matt Lucas as Nardole? Just walking through the foyer (of the Soho Hotel) was nerve-racking (sic), I rocked up in my Afro and bright yellow trainers and a baggy T-shirt, into this big glossy octagon foyer and they told me to wait in a room till they were ready for me - I nearly ran away. To become heroes because they're flung into that moment where you have no no alternative. And I'm really glad that it's you.' Which was really lovely for me to hear. She's very interested in The Doctor and the way his mind works. "They banter, for want of a better word". "Maybe I've got more of an adult way of dressing". "The virtue of being this age is you have access to those areas", Capaldi says.

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Pearl Mackie hasn't made her Doctor Who debut yet, but she's already set her sights on becoming the next James Bond.

But in the last season, the Doctor has loosened up some, weaving in Capaldi's natural comedic flair.

Watch the trailer for the new season and the behind-the-scenes clip above.

She says she was so nervous about meeting The Capaldi, she almost ran away. With television, one of the most interesting challenges is not having it all there. "It's quite early. I should be further through it, but there you go".

Moffat also admitted he did not know who would be the 13th Doctor, deflecting questions to his replacement, Chris Chibnall.

Being on the show did change him in one big way. Nearly everyone who works on the show has some affection for [Doctor Who]. So watching someone do the job that you're about to do, brilliantly - all the companions have been wonderful - you'd be mad as an actor not to go "Oh that's good, I'm gonna have that".

The premiere episode of the show's new season screens on BBC America on April 15 at 9 p.m. ET.

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