Published: Tue, April 11, 2017
Global | By Maureen Mccoy

Officer who dragged man off United flight placed on leave

"The minute you become non-compliant with cabin crew and the pilot, the pilot is authorized by FAA law to take you off the flight".

A man traveling on United Airlines flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville was forcibly removed when the flight was oversold Sunday night, CBS DFW reports. When no one gave up their seat, United chose four passengers at random to get off the flight.

United Airlines has issued a statement saying, "after our team looked for volunteers, one customer refused to leave the aircraft voluntarily and law enforcement was asked to come to the gate". Another person who posted a video said on Twitter he thought the man was knocked out before he was dragged away, and a fellow passenger's distress at what was unfolding could also be heard on the video.

Having boarded and been seated, a passenger is generally entitled to keep a seat and remain on the flight, except in rare instances: e.g., a legitimate concern about terrorism, unruly or drunken behavior by the passenger, it is suddenly discovered that he is ill, is using a forged or stolen ticket, etc.

The man is then pulled by his arms along the floor of the plane towards the exit shortly before departure from Chicago to Louisville on Sunday. "He was taken to Lutheran General Hospital for non-life threatening injuries".

The airline asked one couple off the plane.

Security was called in, the airline said, when one passenger refused to leave his seat. When that occurs, airlines are required to first offer volunteers compensation in exchange for their seats before bumping someone involuntarily.

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Other major airlines, including American Airlines (AAL) and Southwest (LUV) were trading higher as well; Delta (DAL) was the only big name in the red. The policy causes headaches for consumers, but as Hudson at notes, it's completely legal. In those cases, federal rules spell out how much the airline must pay each passenger. These rulings are made at the discretion of the captain and crew, said Airfarewatchdog President George Hobica.

The incident comes two weeks after United drew social media scorn for enforcing its dress code for those who fly as nonrevenue passengers.

If @United had done this to a white passenger, it would have also been vile and unacceptable.

As for me, I've got a flight booked for Wednesday-a full week after I should have arrived. And if it did, fares would start to go up. Candidate Bernie Sanders rallied the troops with talk of free goods and services, as if there is any such a thing as a free good whose cost will not be borne somehow. In response, the airline then took efforts to tell "our regular customers" that "leggings are welcome".

"The airline is happy because it was able to overbook and generate more revenue". "I've seen a lot in my 40 years covering and working for the airline industry, but this is historically bad public relations". Two uniformed men then reach into the doctor's seat and yank him from his chair.

Do you airlines have the right to throw you off of their planes even if you haven't done anything wrong?

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