Published: Thu, April 27, 2017
Life&Culture | By Kristin Armstrong

McDonald's new dark grey uniforms prompt sci-fi comparisons

McDonald's new dark grey uniforms prompt sci-fi comparisons

McDonalds has brought in a few top designers to collaborate on new employee uniforms, but unfortunately the design has fallen flat with their customers.

Still, lest you think their monochromatic drabness somehow runs counter to the notion of that all-important individuality, McDonald's points out that its uniforms also include a denim apron that "may be worn full or as a half apron to fit restaurant employees' personal style". The uniforms were designed based on feedback from employees and customers, and more than 70 percent of restaurant employees surveyed said they provided a modern image that they would be proud to wear. Turns out a vastly new uniform is going to making its debut this month.

Despite what their uniforms look like, let's hope the food looks and tastes the same.

Social media unleashed its sardonic forces over the weekend after McDonald's posted its new, grimly futuristic employee uniforms to Twitter on April 20.

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From the hat-n'-bib days through the very long Polyester Era: a garish rainbow of questionable color choices.

Meanwhile, the Timeless Elements collection, for crew members and managers, was styled by United Kingdom designer Bindu Rivas, who has created uniform collections for several major brands - including the hugely successful McDonald's United Kingdom uniform line. This is the first time the french fry manufacuter has worked with celebrity designers.

As one Twitter user wrote, "I like the new McDonald's uniforms, but I'm a pretty bleak person myself".

"I routinely changed into different set of clothes before leaving the restaurant", Boswell said. Designer Waraire Boswell used to work at McDonald's. He found our vintage McDonald's uniform. "I feel that the old red-and-yellow uniforms were part of the McDonald's brand and part of its identity - I mean, Ronald McDonald is red and yellow himself".

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