Published: Sat, April 01, 2017
Sci-tech | By Jose Becker

Google Maps turns into Ms

Click to play, and the map you're viewing will turn into the classic arcade game, with the streets as your maze to navigate.

It also appears this feature will be turning up on Google Maps as it becomes April 1st around the world.

It has multiple levels, so when you get past level one, there are more ghosts and more pac-dots to collect.

Google always manages to make us smile around the holidays be putting out little pranks and easter eggs in its web browser and mobile apps.

Elite 8-bound: Kentucky beats UCLA 86-75 in South semifinal
The Bruins hadn't had a Wizard of Westwood like this since John Wooden left after beating Kentucky in the 1975 NCAA title game. Alford seems destined to end up in Bloomington, which changes the question to where UCLA looks for their next head coach.

Destiny 2 Officially Announced; Everything We Know So Far
On the other hand, promotional material indicates that the game will debut on September 8 and will also have a Beta. How long it will be and whether we'll catch a decent glimpse at some gameplay remains to be seen.

Man City vs Liverpool: Sterling and Coutinho take centre stage
Liverpool are rested, which is an advantage, and their record against big teams in the Premier League is fantastic. Dejan Lovren is back in contention while Jordan Henderson [foot] and Daniel Sturridge [hip] are sidelined.

If you needed something to pass the time at work today, you're welcome. If you want to give the game a really pessimistic twist, try playing in some of the locations highlighted on the Sad Topographies Instagram account. Then select the Ms. Pac-Man icon on the main screen and watch your map transform.

Either way, Ms Pac-Man is controlled by swiping on the touchscreen. Originally featuring the title character "Crazy Otto", the board was bought and reproduced by Midway Games, the USA distributor of the original "Pac-Man", with Otto giving way to a feminized Pac sprite and pastel color schemes.

Ready to play? Open up the Google Maps app or download it here.

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