Published: Tue, April 04, 2017
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Comedian Brings Chained Kangaroo Onstage - Marsupial Takes Its Revenge

Comedian Brings Chained Kangaroo Onstage - Marsupial Takes Its Revenge

In a video of the Friday night event, Epps can be seen holding the animal's harness.

'I didn't think Mike Epps playing with that kangaroo last night was amusing at all. It's unclear what the objective of the stunt was, but apparently a trainer brought the animal out of a cage and led it around on a leash while Epps and other people on the stage danced around.

Epps egged the handler on as he wanted to get the animal involved in the performance and even at one point grabbed the leash to hold it for a picture.

Comedian Mike Epps has apologized for bringing a kangaroo onstage at one of his shows - a kick in the shins to Twitter users who have been slamming it as animal abuse.

A video that went viral last week showed Stacks chasing the leashed kangaroo named Darwin down a residential block in the Motor City.

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Comedian Mike Epps is sorry for a stunt that involved an actual kangaroo. Lisa Lange, senior vice president for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, said the animal was "subjected to a great deal of stress by being dragged in front of a boisterous crowd and forced to 'dance'".

A video, captured and published by The Shade Room, shows the comedian feeding a banana to a Kangaroo.

TMZ reported today that the U.S. Department of Agriculture is investigating.

Epps has yet to respond to the federal investigation, but he took to Instagram on Sunday (02Apr17) to apologise for causing offence with his stage act, vowing to donate concert funds to charity. A deleted caption, as quoted by TMZ, said: "Yeh look how nice I am 2 him!"

Jovan Stacks, the owner of the kangaroo, said the animal is part of his exotic zoo business.

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