Published: Thu, April 20, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Merle Christensen

Apple to replace your busted iPad 4 with the iPad Air 2

Apple to replace your busted iPad 4 with the iPad Air 2

This means if you the area you're living in that has iPad 4 in stock, then you won't be getting an iPad Air 2. Users who bring their iPad 4 for repairs or servicing are in for a surprise, as Apple is offering the upgraded iPad Air 2 as a replacement device. It's readily allowing shipments of iPad Air 2 in place of fourth-generation iPads because stocks of the latter are becoming increasingly thin, if not totally unavailable, having been discontinued in 2014.

According to a report from MacRumors, an internal memo distributed by Apple last week stated that starting March 30, "iPad 4" units that are coming in for repairs can now be substituted for an "iPad Air 2". The iPad Air 2 came in two years later, which also signaled the discontinuation of the fourth generation tablets from the Cupertino, California technology firm. Also, the offer is only valid at authorized Apple stores and service centers.

This is a great little move from Apple, as it ensures that users get at least something in return rather than nothing at all.

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The iPad Air 2 debuted in October 2014 and features a number of improvements over the iPad 4, including a brighter laminated Retina display, faster processor, upgrade front and rear cameras, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and slimmer hardware design.

The iPad 4, or fourth-generation iPad, was first announced in September 2012.

This policy is not something new, as Apple has been known to upgrade customer's order or service replacement to avoid having them wait too long for a new stock to arrive. And going from the iPad 4 to the iPad Air 2 should be considered an upgrade. Ipad 4 Available in 16,32,64,128GB Storage Variants. The iPad Air 2, for the uninitiated, introduced a new gold colorway, and most recently had available configurations of 32 GB and 128 GB. Apple has replaced it with a $329 device that is simply called the iPad.

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