Published: Fri, March 31, 2017
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We have to fight Democrats in 2018 - and the Freedom Caucus

We have to fight Democrats in 2018 - and the Freedom Caucus

"The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don't get on the team, and fast".

While threatening members of the Freedom Caucus who hold ratings 90% or higher with Heritage, President Trump strongly stands by Speaker Paul Ryan who holds a pathetic lifetime score of 58%.

The tweets represented a bold strike against the most conservative members of the House GOP coalition, who often come from safe districts and are frequently impervious to pressure from party leaders.

But as the White House considered flexing its muscle against the Freedom Caucus, the group remained unbowed, with several members immediately hitting back against a president whose agenda has stalled, whose approval ratings are hovering below 40 percent and who has been dogged by the ongoing probe into contacts between his associates and Russian officials.

Amash was one of the rebels against the Republican plan to repeal President Barack Obama's signature health care bill, along with others in the Freedom Caucus and some moderates. There may be a lot of second thoughts coming from the Freedom Caucus, and perhaps a focus on governance in the longer run after a short-term reminder of their importance to the majority.

Regardless, won't some Freedom Caucus Republicans now worry about Trump-backed primary challengers?

Rick Manning, a longtime conservative activist and former lobbyist, had worked on setting up the meeting for weeks, but it took on a greater urgency after the health care debacle.

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"The president's tweet speaks for itself".

In his initial remarks that afternoon, after the bill was unceremoniously pulled from consideration in the midst of being debated in the House, Mr Trump placed the blame squarely on the Democrats.

Ryan added, "I don't want that to happen", noting that he believed Democrats want "government running health care". The called age-based tax credits in the bill meant to help people buy medical insurance an unwise new federal entitlement.

Under the compromise proposal, the original "bathroom Bill" would be repealed, but the new proposal would not extend to multi-stall restrooms and it would also not extend to places of work, hotels or restaurants until 2020.

"I know what my relationship with the White House is with Tom Price is, Mick Mulvaney, Mike Pence and Donald Trump so I am not gonna get all hung up about a tweet", he said.

"We just had a major battle on a Republican welfare plan and that has consumed to a large degree my time and mental effort", said Alabama Representative Mo Brooks. The White House has indicated it could make some overtures toward Democrats for help on health care, but House Speaker Paul Ryan opposes this. "I share his frustration", said Ryan.

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