Published: Fri, March 17, 2017
Global | By Maureen Mccoy

Trump Orders Review on Fuel-Efficiency Standards

Trump Orders Review on Fuel-Efficiency Standards

Past year the administration speedily conducted that review, coming up with a final decision that the industry would easily be able to meet the stricter standards.

"We are going to ensure that any regulations we have protect and defend your jobs", Trump announced at a vehicle testing facility outside Detroit.

The Post also wrote that a senior, unnamed "White House official said that poor sales of electric vehicles and consumers' preference for larger vehicles need to be considered in the review, echoing nearly word-for-word an argument that the auto industry has raised in recent months".

"Shame on" Trump, added David J. Arkush, managing director of Public Citizen's climate program, "and shame on the automakers egging on his dirty-air plans with the knowledge that he'll likely grant whatever they ask".

President Donald Trump acknowledges auto workers at the American Center for Mobility on Wednesday.

Changing 2025 CAFE standards will require "a lengthy regulatory process", that may result in Democrats and Environmentalists suing the Trump administration, Reuters says.

A year later, he announced rigorous new federal regulations to increase average fuel economy for American-made vehicles to more than 50 MPG by the year 2025 - rules meant to combat climate change by limiting carbon emissions on US roads.

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NY is joined by a handful of other states - including Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington - in opposing the Trump administration's rollback of these standards.

Among other aspects, the new measure will instruct federal officials to stop factoring in the effect climate change while taking policy decisions, the Washington Post noted. NY is among more than a dozen, mostly Northeastern states that have adopted California standards. "We're going to help the companies and they're gonna help you". "This was a constraint deliberately set up by the previous administration to make it hard to utilize coal, oil and natural gas".

"The number of auto plants in this state have been cut by a third".

Trump said that he would engage in deregulation while also renegotiating free trade agreements in order to meet these objectives. Because of the state's smoggy skies, Congress gave California a "waiver", allowing it to set stricter pollution standards than the rest of the nation.

"It's like the full monte, ' one auto industry official told". Obama's EPA had argued the costs to consumers were mitigated by gas savings and that the rules would decrease greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.

The Obama plan included a scheduled "midterm review" to assuage industry fears of being locked into potentially unobtainable long-term fuel economy and emissions targets.

"We're going to pull back the EPA's determination because we don't think it's right and we're going to spend another year looking at the data in front of us", the official said.

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