Published: Sat, March 18, 2017
Global | By Maureen Mccoy

Scottish National Party using Brexit to engineer breakaway from United Kingdom, claims May

At a briefing to journalists on Friday, a Downing Street spokesman said: "It [calling a referendum] is a reserved power and the PM has been clear that now is not the right time".

SCOTLAND'S FUTURE WILL be decided by the people who live here and will not be overruled by the Tories at Westminster, was the cry of the the SNP's conference as the government confirmed the debate timetable on a fresh independence referendum.

Mrs May accused First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and her party of being in a "muddle" about their plans and warned that breaking up the United Kingdom would be "bad for us all".

The Conservative-led British government, however, must agree to a legally binding referendum and May said "now is not the time".

Sturgeon said: "You can go round and round and round in this circle if you want".

"I say now is not the time", she said, arguing that all of Britain's energies should be put into the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

But Mrs. May said her message to Ms Sturgeon was clear - "now is not the time".

The legislation setting up the Scottish parliament say its elections will be held every five years.

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"If the Scottish Parliament authorises me to seek a section 30 order I will formally seek a section 30 order and then we will take it from there".

Ms Sturgeon, the Scottish first minister, told BBC Scotland: "It is an argument for independence really in a nutshell, that Westminster thinks it has got the right to block the democratically elected mandate of the Scottish government and the majority in the Scottish Parliament".

But Mr Robertson is expected to tell the SNP spring conference in Aberdeen that it is for the people of Scotland to decide the country's future.

The Scottish parliament will reportedly decide as early as next week on whether Sturgeon should be given authority to ask the United Kingdom parliament for the power to hold a second referendum.

Mr Murray said: "The SNP must immediately withdraw the threat to impose an illegitimate and divisive referendum". Having just witnessed one form of nationalism take us out of Europe with little thought for the consequences, we should be wary of another form of nationalism repeating a similar mistake in Scotland.

"The SNP described the Edinburgh Agreement as the gold standard, because it established a legal basis for the 2014 referendum".

"The issue would be decided well in advance of any referendum actually taking place, so there would be no question of a result being overturned".

"Brexit will allow us to begin the process of national renewal, enabling us to build a robust economy, more cohesive communities and to make politicians more accountable to the public". However, Tory, Labour and Liberal leaders in Scotland have expressed exasperation at a future vote. "We believe that together we are stronger by remaining in the United Kingdom".

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