Published: Wed, March 01, 2017
Sci-tech | By Jose Becker

Next iPhone will have curved screen, cost $1000

Apple is moving forward with the long-rumored curved iPhone display, a new report says. Other new features on the next iPhone are expected to include a USB-C port rather than Lightning connector and an end to the physical home button, the report said.

The iPhone 8 could lose the Lightning adapter in favor of USB-C.

Speculation is mounting that the iPhone 8 may drop the current Lightning connector in favour of the more-widely used USB format.

The California company now use the Lightning connector to allow users to charge their iPhones, iPads and iPods, as well as to connect devices like headphones and exchange files with their Macs.

Rumors about Apple's upcoming iPhones have been surfacing over the past year or so, of which many have been consistent across multiple reports.

As my colleague Benjamin Mayo tweeted earlier, the apparent plan to launch both an iPhone 7S/Plus and a radically different iPhone 8 design allows Apple to mitigate objections from Lightning fans. Apple equipped its Macbooks with the same connecting port for power charging.

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That's a lot of dongles and, more importantly, a lot of money.

Apple is about to get rid of another port from its new iPhone, a year on from removing the headphone jack - but this time around a replacement connection is on the way.

It just seems so odd considering the company's history that Apple would actually adopt an industry standard. USB-C on the next iPhone would theoretically open the device up to a slew of other third-party accessories. The company has already adopted USB-C on its MacBook line, and the two standards share some key features, including reversibility. And it would hardly be a death blow to Apple, but the loss of MFi program revenue would remove a small-but-steady stream of income from Apple's balance sheet.

But think of the potential downside for Apple if it doesn't change right now. The removal of the headphone jack past year made numerous same tradeoffs.

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