Published: Fri, March 17, 2017
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Mount Etna explosion pelts spectators with burning debris, injuring ten

Mount Etna explosion pelts spectators with burning debris, injuring ten

Members of a BBC film crew were among those forced to flee.

Six people were taken to hospital, mostly with head injuries, but no one was seriously injured.

Mount Etna, Europe's most active volcano, is shown here erupting February 28, 2017. Around eight people were injured.

Authorities said about 35 tourists were in an area they had permission to enter on the volcano, when the explosion occurred about midday on Thursday (local time).

Small eruptions are fairly frequent occurrences at Mount Etna, with the last large eruption happening in 2009, according to the INGV.

She added that a "huge explosion" caused rocks and steam to be pelted at the group.

There is no confirmation as to how the serious their injuries are.

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The incident was a "reminder of how risky & unpredictable volcanoes can be - everyone had a very lucky escape", she wrote. She said the experience was extremely scary.

Those affected by the explosion were being treated for head injuries, burns, cuts and bruises.

Ten people were reported injured when the highly volatile volcano erupted and spewed clusters of the volcanic rock onto those below.

The volcano started erupting yesterday, but experts said the level of eruptions had decreased today.

The red hot lava flowing from Mount Etna can be seen clearly in the image from Sentinel-2A.

Video filmed Wednesday shows bursts of lava and volcanic ash as the mountain exploded nearly constantly throughout the day, according to Italy's Geology and Vulcanology Institute, which published the footage.

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