Published: Sat, March 11, 2017
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Judge resigns two years after 'keep your knees together' rape trial controversy

Judge resigns two years after 'keep your knees together' rape trial controversy

Over the summer, Canadian Federal Court Justice Robin Camp fought to keep his job, despite the outrage he incurred after badgering an alleged rape victim during a trial and asking her, "Why couldn't you just keep your knees together?"

Justice Robin Camp said in a statement released by his lawyer that he would resign effective from Friday.

A review of court transcripts from the trial revealed Mr Camp called the complainant "the accused" numerous times and spoke to her in a way that was "condescending, humiliating and disrespectful".

After the complainant testified that her alleged attacker, Alexander Wagar, raped her in a bathroom sink, Camp asked why she didn't sit lower in the basin "so [the defendant] couldn't penetrate you". While, accepting Camp's decision to step down, the justice minister said that she was confident Camp received due process in his disciplinary review and acknowledged his decision of resignation as of 10 March, the BBC reported.

"Removal is not necessary to preserve public confidence in this case", Addario wrote.

Newsflash to this newly-fired judge: women don't earn rape, it is an unwanted, unwarranted violation of their existence.

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"I would like to express my honest apology to everyone who was hurt by my comments", he said, according to the statement obtained by the Guardian.

The report also stated that had Camp not resigned on his own, he possibly could have been the first judge to be removed by the Parliament.

Throughout the trial, Camp falsely referred to the woman as "the accused" and suggested she could have staved off the alleged attack. The man was found not guilty a second time, which Camp said contributed to his claim that he deserved a second chance. The committee also said Camp's comments made during the trial were incompatible with the requirements set out in the Judges Act and therefore Camp should be removed from the bench. Did he also ask her what she was wearing? The Canadian Judicial Council is composed of 23 members. In his legal career, he focused mostly on contract and bankruptcy cases, he said.

Kathleen Mahoney, a law professor at the University of Calgary, told CTV News Channel that she believes the removal is a "watershed moment" in how courts treat sexual assault. She said she had contemplated suicide as a result of her experience.

In the misconduct inquiry, the judge defended himself by saying his misconduct stemmed from either an unconscious bias or ignorance. He argued since the 2014 trial he has taken courses in gender sensitivity and learned the law on sexual assault.

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