Published: Sat, March 11, 2017
Markets | By Lucia Cruz

'I'll fix SA power problems in 100 days': Tesla boss Elon Musk

'I'll fix SA power problems in 100 days': Tesla boss Elon Musk

Musk replied saying that it would cost $250 per kWh for 100MWh-plus systems, adding that additional fees like shipping, tariffs and installation would vary by country and are "beyond our control". Cannon-Brookes tweeted Thursday. "If I can make the $ happen (& politics), can you guarantee the 100 MW in 100 days?"

It was at that point that Mr Musk, the South African-born Tesla chief, doubled down and shot a tweet confirming the 100 day boast and ending with: "That serious enough for you?"

Mr Wood said the state's high uptake of renewable energy, which has intermittent supply, had attracted the attention of many companies and testing battery storage was "clearly attractive". Rive also claimed that Tesla could step in with a similar installation in Victoria that is facing grid instability as a result of the impending closure of a nearby coal plant. And if he can't deliver in 100 days, the state will expect him to pick up the tab.

Cannon-Brookes said he was flooded with calls and was keen to start work on it.

Tesla's Powerwall batteries store solar energy so that it's available in times when renewable energy can not otherwise be directly sourced, which ensures continual availability.

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Cannon-Brookes has offered to help provide funding and lobby for political support for the project.

Batteries have been touted as a way to solve renewable energy's intermittency problem.

South Australia has been engulfed in a full-blown energy crisis for months now, with residents enduring seemingly endless blackouts and price spikes. The CEO said if he is not able to complete the project within 100 days, he would not charge a penny.

At the pricing that Musk announced, the batteries to fix Australia's power problem would cost just $25 million.

The offer follows a series of blackouts in the state. Last year, it built a 80MW battery farm in California within 90 days.

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