Published: Tue, March 14, 2017
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Filmmaker Says New Video Shows Michael Brown Didn't Rob Local Store

Filmmaker Says New Video Shows Michael Brown Didn't Rob Local Store

Newly released surveillance video that shows Michael Brown in the Ferguson Market 11 hours before he was shot by officer Darren Wilson, has a documentary-maker challenging the account that Brown robbed the store of cigarillos shortly before the shooting.

The new footage, first reported by the New York Times, appears to show Brown entering Ferguson Market & Liquor just after 1 a.m. August 9, walking around the store and handing something to the clerks behind the counter.

Almost three years after the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown by a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer that stirred cries of racism, security footage has surfaced that raises new questions about what happened in the hours before.

Previously released surveillance video showed Brown strong-arming the store's co-owner, Andy Patel, and pushing him as he left the store during the second visit.

At issue was footage released by Pollock that showed Brown going into a local convenience store that law enforcement officials alleged he had robbed just before being fatally shot by Ferguson police.

That video shows Brown walking out the store with boxes of cigarillos sans the plastic bag they were in from the night before.

Filmmaker Jason Pollock suggest Brown had returned to the store the following morning to retrieve the tobacco products after handing the bag back to the clerk for safekeeping the night before.

Jay Kanzler, an attorney for the store and the employees shown in the video, said no such transaction took place.

"Don't tell me that he stole from the store if they handed him a bag [of cigarillos] that they created themselves. anybody who sees this with their eyes can see what's happening", Pollock said.

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Documentary filmmaker, Jason Pollock, who is filming the Strange Fruit documentary on Brown's side of the story, analyzes the context of what this infers given the information we already know, and says the footage challenges the police's story that suggests Mr.

Then-Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson told the media days after Brown's death that the "robbery does not relate to the initial contact between the officer and Michael Brown".

McCulloch told reporters the reason they did not release the footage was because it was not relevant to the case.

With that context alone, Mike Brown appears to be an aggressive teen who just stood up a corner store.

Kanzler says the full video will be release Monday, and should quash any claims from Pollock's "edited version of events". Then, the clerk hands Brown two cartons of cigarillos.

But the creators of the new documentary Stranger Fruit claim they've uncovered new evidence that puts that incident in a different light.

Michael Brown at Ferguson Market and Liquor in new footage. What happened between Wilson and Brown continues to remain a mystery and a point of contention, which sparked the now-infamous Ferguson protests and made the St. Louis suburb synonymous with police brutality. The 18-year-old walks toward the door and then hands the bag back to the clerk before leaving.

In the aftermath of the 2014 shooting, the city of Ferguson reached a deal with the US Justice Department to reform its police department and courts.

A civil trial for Brown's case is set to begin in 2018.

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