Published: Thu, March 30, 2017
Medical | By Ismael Lynch

11-year old girl suffers major burns on hands making homemade slime

11-year old girl suffers major burns on hands making homemade slime

A common ingredient in DIY slime is to blame for a MA girl's second- and third-degree burns, according to reports.

By the time Quinn made it home, she had blisters covering her hands, her mother, Siobhan Quinn, told the news outlet. "It was like crying in pain.'My hands hurt, my hands hurt", said Siobhan Quinn, Kathleen's mother. I told her we should wait a bit. When they took a look at her hands, they were horrified to find blisters, as well.

Kathleen Quinn was at a sleep-over with friends and completed a do-it-yourself slime project.

Parents beware: that homemade slime that your kids spend hours making and playing with is to blame for yet another health-related issue. However, just because it's safe for use in those applications does not mean it's safe to use for other purposes, such as making homemade slime, Consumer Reports told NBC News.

When you set out of make slime, it's important to dilute Borax with water before you start playing around with it, so it's likely that Kathleen didn't dilute the Borax properly or that had a specific allergy to the substance.

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"I feel bad", Siobhan told the news outlet.

Despite the "good clean fun" of homemade slime, doctors recommend skipping the borax when making your own.

When she came home, her dad put ointment on her hands and placed them in white gloves to relieve the pain.

The U.S. National Pesticide Information Center, Oregon State University and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also says contact with boric acid can be corrosive to the eye and cause irritation to the skin. While noted as a common household cleaner or an additive for laundry, prolonged exposure can be damaging - like Kathleen's burns.

Some tutorials on youtube for homemade slime now offer substitutes for Borax like baking soda, salt, or cornstarch. Her story has prompted a safety warning to parents. "We made [the slime] a million times, too, and nothing else happened".

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