Published: Mon, February 06, 2017
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Trump Praises Douglass, Other Famous African Americans

Trump Praises Douglass, Other Famous African Americans

It's a complaint almost as old as our history: Why do we set aside one whole month of every year to honor and celebrate the contributions of African Americans?

But Douglass' family said in a statement Wednesday night that they not only approved of the president's usage of the "present tense" - they also use it themselves.

"Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who's done an incredible job and is getting recognized more and more, I notice", Trump said in remarks that made the abolitionist seem oddly contemporary.

"Hearing a lot more about this Fred Douglass guy". And White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer didn't seem to do much better in a recent briefing, according to Meyers.

"Well I think there was contributions", Spicer said.

Image @BlackBirds  Twitter
Image @BlackBirds Twitter

The one thing Trump didn't notice?

She had no words, which may have been a true exercise of restraint on her part, given that Hillary lost the electoral college (while winning the popular vote by nearly 3 million) to someone who devoted a Black History Month speech to himself.

Douglass, in fact, died in 1895, and his autobiography, A Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, is a pretty common fixture in K-12 school curriculum. Big impact. I'm proud to honour this heritage and will be honouring it more and more.

Earlier, he said with uncharacteristic understatement, he wasn't expected "to do well with the African-American community". Second, it's Frederick Douglass.

"Donald Trump doesn't care about black people", wrote Kwame Opam, an editor at The Verge, referencing a famous Kanye West line about then-president George W. Bush. So, Trump chose to change the month's name. "Today, Black History Month started the way they all should, with the announcement that Beyonce is pregnant", he said, before launching into a silly rendition of "Double Babies" (sung to the tune of "Single Ladies"). We have Lincoln, and we have Jefferson, and we have Dr. Martin Luther King.

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