Published: Sun, February 19, 2017
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Roman Polanski rape victim allowed back in US

Roman Polanski rape victim allowed back in US

Following his arrest in 1977, He spent 42 days in China State Prison before he was released.

It is Polanski's latest bid to bring an end to case that has been hanging over him for almost 40 years. The L.A. district attorney's office and the courts have been unwilling to resolve the case unless Polanski first returns to L.A. and submits to the court's jurisdiction.

Mr Gunson and Polanski's lawyer have said they understood from a private conversation with the judge handling the case that the time in the prison would serve as Polanski's punishment.

Polanski plead guilty to drugging and raping the then 13-year-old Samantha Geimer in which he served a 42 days prison sentence before fleeing the US, when he thought a judge would sentence him to do hard time.

Mr Braun believes the secret testimony of prosecutor Roger Gunson collected in 2010 in the United States supports Polanski's claim that he had an agreement to serve just 48 days and that - taken with the Polish decision - it should convince the USA authorities Polanski has served his time.

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Los Angeles prosecutors have repeatedly sought Polanski's extradition but have been rebuffed by courts in Switzerland and Poland, two of the countries where the Oscar victor has been able to safely travel. But the judge in his trial, the late Laurence Rittenband, ended up throwing the deal out, with the intention of sentencing Polanski to up to 50 years in prison. A hearing is set for February 24.

Polanski wants to visit the grave of his second wife, Sharon Tate, in Los Angeles, celebrity news website TMZ reported.

Polanski sought a dismissal of the case in 2008, but his motion was denied in a ruling that was upheld by an appellate court. Polanski also avoided returning to the accept the Oscar for his film The Pianist.

Movie director Roman Polanski talks with newsmen outside the courtroom where he was arraigned in Los Angeles on rape and sex perversion charges, March 30, 1977.

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