Published: Sun, February 26, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Merle Christensen

New Nokia 3310: Everything we know so far

A live stream teaser has already been shared on Facebook, which says, "We'll be announcing live on Facebook the details of our Nokia smartphones on Android - see it here first!" Nokia's new phone is expected to launch at an HMD event at Mobile World Congress on February 26.

The new Nokia 3310 (2017 edition, or whatever it is called) will be a back to the roots device running on the good old Series 30 interface, according to @evleaks.

According to a report by GizmoChina, the new Nokia 3310 will continue to retain the same key features and design elements of the original model - launched almost 17 years ago. The device is expected to be available in a variety of color options, such as yellow, blue, green, red and black, notes Android Headlines. A colored display would certainly make the device appealing, while a thinner and lighter body would complement its seemingly more oval design.

Nokia announced the newly refreshed 3310 rocking a massive 41-megapixel PureView camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenom flash. Sadly, it appears as though we may never know, because a new report from the same source that leaked initial news of the Nokia 3310's revival is now back with new details.

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Blackberry, another popular brand from years gone by, was the first to launch a new handset ahead of this year's MWC, with the unveiling of its new DTEK70 handset at an event late Saturday night. It is rumored, that the Finnish company plans to unveil at least three Nokia smartphones at the press conference, namely Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and a modern version of the classic Nokia 3310. However, the display is expected to be dumbed down to extend the battery life.

New leaks have surfaced on Nokia 3310's reported comeback, adding credibility to previous rumours.

It is speculated the device could be priced tagged little more than $40 and to dominate the feature phones market.

Concept videos have reimagined the upcoming Nokia handset and bear testimony to how eagerly awaited the device is.

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