Published: Mon, February 13, 2017
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Elections official asks Trump to provide evidence of voter fraud

Elections official asks Trump to provide evidence of voter fraud

Allegations of voter fraud in NH are baseless" Ex-NH GOP chair calls Trump's voter fraud bluff with, 000 bet Election commissioner to Trump: "Show evidence of voter fraud MORE (R) her seat in the 2016 election.

Trump made the charge at a Thursday meeting at the White House with 10 senators present ostensibly to discuss U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch.

President Trump reportedly claimed during a meeting with lawmakers Thursday that out-of-state voters were bused into New Hampshire, costing him and Republican Sen. "Allegations of this magnitude can not be ignored", she said.

"The scheme the President of the United States alleges would constitute thousands of felony criminal offenses under New Hampshire law", Ellen Weintraub, a commissioner on the Federal Election Commission, said in a statement. Gardner said in each election going back to 2002 there has been at least one prosecution for voter fraud - but he hasn't seen any evidence of a coordinated or systematic effort.

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On Election Day, Trump accused the media of ignoring "serious voter fraud" in California, New Hampshire and Virginia. Scott Brown that his Senate bid in New Hampshire failed only because of MA residents crossed the border to vote against him. Trump further alleged that the voter fraud led himself and Senator Kelly Ayotte [official profile] to lose close races in New Hampshire.

Both outcomes, Trump reportedly said, were due to "thousands" of people who were "brought in on buses" from MA to vote "illegally" in the state.

As a candidate, Trump also repeatedly raised the specter of widespread voter fraud during early voting across the country.

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