Published: Tue, February 14, 2017
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46% of Couples Are Netflix Cheating With These 7 Shows, Study Reveals

46% of Couples Are Netflix Cheating With These 7 Shows, Study Reveals

Approximately 46 percent of couples who stream TV shows together admitted to "cheating", or skipping ahead of their significant other on shows they watch together, according to a study the streaming-service released on Monday.

Even more worrisome? A whopping 63 percent of the 30,000 couples polled said they'd commit Netflix adultery again if they thought they could get away with it.

In the Philippines, 43% of Filipino viewers admitted to being binge "cheaters" - although according to Internet television network Netflix, which commissioned the study, the proportion of Filipinos who don't "cheat" is 57%, making the Filipinos the most "loyal" viewers in the region.

Over 65 percent of offenders said they just couldn't stop watching because the shows are too good. Sure, you agreed to watch all of Narcos together, but you're desperate to know what happens next. And, 58 percent don't consider it cheating if their partner is sleeping. So unsurprisingly, 61 percent of the couples cheat on comedy shows - higher than the global average of 44 percent.

Dramas like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black cause the most cheating, but the daddy of infidelity is Breaking Bad, responsible for one in five streaming affairs!

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"Netflix cheating" - watching a TV show ahead of your significant other - became a recognized phenomenon in 2013.

Netflix found that Mexico and Brazil have the most philanderers, while only 27% of Netherlanders have cheated.

Netflix said the survey was conducted by SurveyMonkey for 12 days past year and received more than 30,000 responses from 29 countries.

But whether your partner is likely to forgive you varies greatly around the world.

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