Published: Tue, January 31, 2017
Global | By Maureen Mccoy

'Very Dangerous': Trump Gives Racist Steve Bannon More Power

"As a senior adviser to President Obama in 2009, I had the opportunity to witness the fateful deliberations of his National Security Council Principals committee over the strategy the U.S would pursue in the war with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan".

The appointment of Steve Bannon's Trump's chief political strategist to the National Security Council (NSC) has raised questions among other officials. Organising the NSC this way does not reflect well on national security adviser Michael Flynn - whether the bad decision is a result of his lack of understanding of what the NSC should do or because he is giving in to pressure from his boss. Bannon has been a controversial pick for a Trump administration cabinet member from the start. Before joining Trump's team previous year, he ran a news website known as Breitbart, which regularly published xenophobic and occasionally racially-tinged articles. In addition to Mr. Flynn and Mr. Bannon, regular members will now include: the secretary of state, the treasury secretary, the defense secretary, the attorney general, the secretary of Homeland Security, the chief of staff, and the Homeland Security adviser, according to CNN. Elevating a chief political strategist while demoting the Joint Chiefs chair and director of national intelligence "is outrageous and potentially unsafe", he said. It minimizes the roles of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of National Intelligence, and Bannon, a political staffer, will be attending NSC meetings that staffers typically would not go to. Hard as it is to imagine any situation in which their views would not add value, this demotion is even harder to countenance given the threats the United States now faces and the frayed state of the president's relations with the intelligence community. "Accordingly, the United States government's decision-making structures and processes to address these challenges must remain equally adaptive and transformative". "As statutory advisers to the president and the National Security Council, their attendance at almost all Principals Committee meetings should be expected". The total makeup of the meeting is rotating but we are following a lot of the precedent that has been set it's absolutely common for senior advisors to attend so as far as those from the national security apparatus, it's up to the national security experts and White House strategist to sit in and participate in those meetings...

A few years back, Bannon made a speech at an global conference in which he essentially called for a Christian holy war, AlterNet reports.

The White House appears to be referring to NSC guidelines from the beginning of Bush's administration.

Senate Democrats vow legislation to block Trump's travel ban
Delta did not immediately respond to requests for comment regarding its perceived influence on Trump's executive order. She said her bills would bar Trump from unilaterally banishing factions of immigrants.

Russian Federation arrests a manager of cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab
The most interesting part of this arrest is that Stoyanov is being accused of treason, which isn't a light allegation. Tass, Russia's state news agency, also reported that the arrests were linked to the same case.

Iran Bans US Visitors In Retaliation
The other six countries listed in the executive order are Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. The two countries have had no diplomatic relations since 1979 when militants stormed the US embassy.

The move to promote Bannon to the council also diminished the positions of the military and intelligence leadership in the group. John McCain said on CBS' Face the Nation.

The move also confirms how Bannon's star is continuing to rise in Trump's White House.

Bannon, who supports a border adjustment tax floated by the administration, was even able to find common ground on the subject with Speaker Paul Ryan who he had previously called a "globalist". He clashed with former DNI James Clapper and was ultimately driven out of his post as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. But on a January 22 visit to the agency, the president said that "nobody feels stronger about the intelligence community than Donald Trump", saying "I love you".

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