Published: Sun, January 22, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Merle Christensen

Uber has hired two significant Google veterans

Singhal has been with Google for 15 years and the bulk of that period has been spent leading the company's search division, particularly its core search quality department. He set up an education foundation in India in the previous year, but realized in the process just how hard transportation is to solve. He founded the Singhal Foundation, which aims to provide education to underprivileged children in India. It would appear that the seeds were sown for Singhal to return to work for a technology company. Kevin Thompson, who is joining Uber as VP of Marketplace Engineering is a former VP of Engineering on YouTube's ads team.

"This company is not only doing things that are wonderful, this company also has some of the toughest computer science challenges that I have seen in my career of 25 years", he said. Now that the Singhal Foundation is up and running, he was unable to resist this Uber challenge.

Uber's clearly looking to bring some world-class engineering talent with proven track records in at the top of the org to help foster a community ready to tackle some of the toughest computer science challenges in the world.

Japan's mini-rocket crashes, but may hold hints of the future
On Sunday, the Japanese space agency (JAXA) attempted to launch its experimental SS-520-4 rocket for the first time. Japan's attempt to launch a tiny satellite into orbit using a mini-rocket has ended up in failure.

Japan's Akatsuki Spies Massive Wave on Venus
The most common way to trigger a vertical wave is by putting something in the way of surface winds, like a mountain. The European Space Agency also investigated the role of mountains in disturbing Venus' atmosphere in 2016.

Android Nougat, Amazon Video, more
SHIELD TV offers the widest array of 4K options and claims to provide three times the performance of any other streaming device. NVIDIA HAS ANNOUNCED that its new Shield TV device is now available in the United Kingdom , following its unveiling at CES.

Uber's gone straight for the kill with its latest hire.

Search, of course, remains Google's main bread and butter.

More importantly, however, Singhal's employment is widely seen by observers as a follow-through on Uber's previous declaration that it will be challenging Google's position in the self-driving auto segment. The company continue to improve the technology under the user interface, for example the UberPOOL software works to predict regular pick ups from users in order to optimize routing, as well as changes drivers or riders if one comes on line that could improve efficiency. Singhal makes a comeback as an executive in a much younger company compared to Google and will cast his influence on one of the widely rising firms in the world.

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