Published: Fri, January 20, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Merle Christensen

The Next Pokemon Go Update Has Arrived Today, Egg Hatching Nerfed

The Next Pokemon Go Update Has Arrived Today, Egg Hatching Nerfed

"Pokemon Go" has gone quiet since the Holidays ended with Niantic probably taking some time off.

In a recent update by a data release by App Annie, Pokemon Go ranked within the top three for both top downloads and most revenue earned on both iOS and Google Play storefronts combined despite only releasing halfway through 2016.

The addition of evolutionary items should answer the question as to how Pokemon Go would deal with the new divergent evolutionary lines.

Pokemon Go now tracks distance travelled through Global Positioning System.

The full patch notes have been released for you to see. Today's update nerfs that previous function, and it will likely also affect walking with your buddy as well as hatching eggs. With new moves unveiled, fans are expecting to get new Gen 2 Pokemon in the near future. The fix will effectively nerf the small shifts players' characters experience, especially when players are not moving around. So far, they have made mention of many new features for the game in the source code, referencing 38 new moves that have not made its way into the game before.

Steven McDonald, a symbol of unfathomable forgiveness
McDonald eventually met with Jones' mother and attended services at a Baptist church in Harlem with members of Jones' family. Ironically, Jones was fatally hit by a vehicle , three days after he was released from prison in September 1995.

Doping: Three Chinese weightlifters lose Olympic gold medals
Nadzeya Ostapchuk of Belarus has been stripped of her 2008 bronze medal from the women's shot put. The women, aged between 31 and 34, tested positive for the banned human growth hormone GHRP-2.

Yooka-Laylee multiplayer modes unveiled in new gameplay trailer
As for co-op, a second player can join the main adventure as the "Bee Team" and can help pick up various collectibles. The second player will also be able to stop environmental traps, to help protect the primary player.

Pokemon Go update v0.53.1 also makes text fixes, and updates the Apple watch to display Eggs obtained from PokeStops.

Not only that, The Silph Road team did mention that numerous moves mentioned above already have their graphic assets included in the Pokemon GO Update 0.53.1 data.

Now that 2017 is in full swing, hopefully Niantic has plenty of plans set for Pokemon GO. However, miners continued to dig their way into the details that could potentially come with upcoming "Pokemon Go" updates.

For one, the winter months in many parts of the world make it oftentimes hard, or even impossible for players to step outside and walk. The new update takes care of this, meaning you won't be getting any progress whilst standing still.

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