Published: Mon, January 30, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Merle Christensen

Resident Evil 7 Players Have Collectively Played for Over 600 Years

Meanwhile, the franchise as a whole has now reached a cumulative sales figure of 75m units since the first game was released in 1996, cementing its place as one of Capcom's most established franchises.

From the minute that Resident Evil 7 was first announced during Sony's E3 2016 press conference, the game was marketed as an immersive first-person experience that's true potential lay in virtual reality. The most interesting of these informative statistics is the number of gamers that have been playing Resident Evil 7 in VR, which as of this writing clocks in at 82,962, which accounts for 9.54% of players across all three platforms.

Resident Evil 7 might only be a few days old, but it's already being considered a high point for the series.

Capcom expect Resident Evil 7 to top 4 million sales by the end of the financial year (by the end of March).

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Fortunately you're not completely defenceless, and long-time Resident Evil fans will be happy to hear that many familiar weapons and items make a return, while classic Resident Evil puzzles involving locked doors and antique items are plentiful.

Resident Evil 7 is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC, with full PlayStation VR and HTC Vive/Oculus Rift support. The atmosphere is intense and the game feels very isolated.

The series made its debut back in 1996 and the cumulative sales of the games in the series total over 75 million units, as of January 27, 2017.

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