Published: Mon, January 30, 2017
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New Allegations: Paula Patton & Robin Thicke's Restraining Orders & Custody Battle

New Allegations: Paula Patton & Robin Thicke's Restraining Orders & Custody Battle

Earlier this month, TMZ reported that a judge issued a domestic violence restraining order against Thicke, barring him from coming in contact with Patton or 6-year-old Julian.

On Thursday, a judge gave Patton sole legal and physical custody of Julian until the next hearing scheduled for February 24, with supervised visitation for Thicke three days a week at a neutral location. This was actually Paula's second request for a temporary protection order with the first being denied on January 12.

The documents accuse Thicke of physically assaulting the actress, infidelity and having a drug and alcohol addiction. Her attorneys cited a California law that Thicke's behaviour during their marriage made Patton now feel a "reasonable apprehension of imminent serious bodily injury to herself and the child".

Her filing states that Thicke showed up at her mother's house on January 19 while their son was being interviewed by child services workers and that the singer refused to leave.

But Thicke's lawyer says all of this is just a response to the custody fight and Thicke's claim that Patton was violating their prior custody order by refusing him access to their son.

Robin later told his then-wife that he had "unprotected sex with seven other women" while on tour - but the real kicker is when Paula caught him in the act the night of the MTV VMAs!

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In addition, his lawyer filed a declaration with the judge with information about an open investigation on Patton for "emotional abuse", Daily Mail says.

"I left the hotel, wandered the streets of NY and called my brother crying".

This is horrifying! In her divorce documents, Paula Patton alleges that her ex Robin Thicke beat her, and even threatened to 'bash her head in!' We have all of the devastating details on the shocking report, right here.

On Wednesday, the actress filed court documents alleging Thicke physically and verbally abused her, cheated on her and used drugs and alcohol during their marriage.

Patton has reportedly been granted a temporary restraining order against Thicke. "During our relationship, I observed Robin use cocaine casually at parties or social gatherings".

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