Published: Sat, January 07, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Merle Christensen

First contact with aliens in Elite: Dangerous

First contact with aliens in Elite: Dangerous

Elite Dangerous players have discovered an alien race known as the Thargoids in the massively multiplayer space exploration game.

The player's video shows their craft tumbling through space helplessly, eventually righting itself but with systems temporarily down. Unusual objects floating in space and structures found on isolated moons and planets have revealed clues about the location of the aliens. Elite Dangerous is unlike any other space game, with a rich multiplayer or single-player space, a true-to-life galaxy including our own entire night sky, real physics, unique ship handling characteristics, and a player-driven narrative that's really heating up.

In case there was any doubt that the sighting is legitimate, the official Elite: Dangerous Twitter dropped a link to one of the videos. His ship was pulled out of hyperspace with all its instruments and weapons rendered useless.

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There's been no disputing that they exist: ruins of their spacecraft have been spotted throughout the game's endless simulated space, and while Frontier Developments has never outright confirmed their living presence in the universe, it's been a matter of enduring interest whether they'd ever be found.

DP Sayre then attempts to follow the alien ship, but it escapes through a wormhole of sorts. This sent players on a quest, following trails of clues in an effort to try and encounter alien life.

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