Published: Sun, January 01, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Merle Christensen

Diablo 3 20th Anniversary brings in-game goodies to other Blizzard titles

In order to celebrate this event, Blizzard is holding in-game events in all StarCraft II, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft and of course Diablo 3.

But that's not all Blizzard has planned for the Lord of Terror's upcoming anniversary.

True to form, Blizzard remained coy about some of the details of its cross-franchise Diablo event, and only laid out the specifics for a handful of its franchises.

But perhaps best of all is the Diablo 3 event, which actually includes an in-game port of the original Diablo. And if you're playing the popular card game Hearthstone, a new challenger will appear in the Tavern Brawl section with the opportunity for you to win some new cards for your decks. Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft 2 get Diablo-themed portraits, while Overwatch players can unlock Diablo sprays that they can splatter through that game's maps.

Overwatch: Bring the battle for Sanctuary into the fight for the future with in-game sprays representing your favorite Diablo III classes-along with a new player icon modelled after the Lord of Terror!

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A dark wanderer will be released for "Hearthstone". To celebrate, the developer will soon add Diablo-themed content to all of its current games, as it details in a blog post.

While many of these descriptions are vague, it's definitely enough of a teaser to get fans of Blizzard games excited for the Diablo Anniversary event.

Blizzard is also holding a special event in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls called "The Darkening of Tristam" that will "send you back into the depths of the Cathedral", according to Frank Pearce, Blizzard's chief development officer, during Blizzcon 2016's opening ceremony.

The game now includes a new Tavern Brawl where players will find a hooded challenger. In World of Warcraft, it seems that there might be some new quests available as some characters from the Diablo world of Sanctuary arrive in Azeroth. Time will tell. This cross-game tribute to all things Diablo should be underway shortly, so be sure to check your Blizzard games for new goodies over the next few days.

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