Published: Sat, January 21, 2017
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Chrissy Teigen Is Back To Showing Off Her Stretch Marks Again

Chrissy Teigen Is Back To Showing Off Her Stretch Marks Again

After getting thousands of positive comments and re-tweets from women who really respected Chrissy for her honesty, Chrissy posted a couple of follow-up tweets just to remind followers that she doesn't post this kind of material for the praise.

There are so many reasons we love Chrissy Teigen: she's amusing as hell, she makes super cute babies, knows how to throw down on Twitter, occasionally lends her lovely face to our magazine cover. oh, and she also doesn't give a fuck about what you think about her stretchmarks.

Well, it's official: Chrissy Teigen is still the coolest person on Earth.

I mean, does it get more real than this?

The 31-year-old model - who gave birth to daughter Luna in April 2016 - proudly displayed her thigh "stretchies" in a Twitter post on Wednesday night.

And nearly two years ago she posted to Instagram, "Stretchies say hi!"

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Hours later, the mother of the little Luna (9 months) went to the Los Angeles airport to board an American Airlines flight to NY.

Fans thanked Tiegen on social media for "being real" and normalising stretch marks in the public eye.

This is why we love you Chrissy!

We think this is a dazzling story and so do you!

Teigen told Allure that she feels there is no reason for anyone to be insecure about stretch marks. I am now left with stretch marks in replace of my previous soft skin, ' Hannah says.

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