Published: Sat, January 28, 2017
USA | By Cassandra Hanson

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Guam

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Guam

The Chinese Zodiac cycle associates every year with an animal and this year is the Year of the Rooster.

Those born under this zodiac sign will be bestowed with many good qualities - disciplined, resourceful, independent, loyal and talented. Technology has modernised this tradition, allowing people to exchange red envelopes via apps and the internet. "So a brilliant and enthusiastic rooster, combined with the salient characteristics of fire, heralds an enterprising and fruitful year, a year of results, achievements". Not everyone that comes in knows about it, but once they leave, they do and they can feel the Chinese New Year.”.

It's time to celebrate New Year's - again. I'm committed to supporting the annual Chinese New Year celebrations and promoting Chinese culture in the capital more than any other Mayor has done before.

Once again, China is trying to put a damper on everyone's Chinese New Year celebrations with the Beijing city government instructing local officials to serve as a model for the people by not setting off any outdoor fireworks this year.

Johnson County has a wide range of Asian restaurants to choose from for celebrating Chinese New Year, including the venerable Dragon Inn, opened by the Tsui family in downtown Overland Park over 42 years ago.

Not only do you light up the night sky with a symphony of color, but the loud banging sounds are thought to scare off evil spirits.

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It's also advised to settle debts ahead of the New Year, credit card bills included. The day is spent by getting together for dinners or lunches, handing out red envelopes for good luck, bursting firecrackers, decorating homes and buying new clothes.

In China, schools and businesses can close for the first few days of the new year, so that everyone can spend time with their families.

Find out here by checking which year you were born in!

The biggest Chinese new year festivities outside of Asia happen in Australia and with the designation of 2017 as the China-Australia Year of Tourism it should see some of the estimated six million Chinese expected to use the two week break to travel overseas visiting Tassie. Paying respects to your ancestors is also a common practice during the new year.

This year, the first day falls on Saturday, and celebrations traditionally run until the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first calendar month.

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