Published: Fri, December 30, 2016
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Samsung's 2017 world of audio is 32-bit "UHQ"

Samsung's 2017 world of audio is 32-bit

Alongside Samsung's recent announcement of a new UHD Blu-Ray player, the company's full new range will be shown off at CES next month.

As for the products, the Samsung H7 wireless speaker, as it's called, looks like a streamlined version of an old-school stereo.

Samsung has yet to announce additional specs, availability, or pricing for any of the new products. This allows the speaker to deliver the most ideal sound possible.

Like the H7, the MS750 Soundbar also makes use of Samsung's UHQ 32-bit audio technology. This results in rich. lifelike sound with incredible clarity, Samsung said.

But never mind that because it appears Samsung isn't going to let any of those questions get in the way of a new product release, as the company announces what we'll get to see in the new year, with the H7, a wireless speaker that appears as if it could sound as good as it looks, and it looks great.

The Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker will debut at CES next week in Las Vegas.

The result says the company is a speaker which delivers higher quality audio from a wide range of audio inputs be they wired or wireless
The result says the company is a speaker which delivers higher quality audio from a wide range of audio inputs be they wired or wireless

Another one of Samsung's algorithms include Distortion Cancelling, which the company claims "can intelligently predict a woofer's movement, control it, and play more solid and stable sounds at a low pitch". The new profile includes a "Crystal Amplifier" that removes noise so consumers can enjoy the most accurate and precise sound across the widest range.

The new audio spec is highlighted in the new H7 wireless speaker, a victor of a 2017 CES Innovation Award.

The M9500 will be Samsung's new Ultra High-Definition (UHD) Blu-ray player which will boast a number of noteworthy enhancements over the company's UDB-K8500 device launched in 2015. That high-tech experience is packed into a compact enclosure with a metal finish and a retro exterior. By turning the wheel, users cannot only adjust the volume but also select their favorite playlist from their choice of streaming music services.

The new MS750 sound bar, according to Samsung brings "subwoofer performance directly into the primary unit". When paired with the Samsung Smart Remote Control, the room's home audio is powered by the same device as the TV unit, further simplifying the experience.

The MS750 Soundbar boasts a small but mighty "one body" design that can be mounted onto your TV with one simple connection, no complicated setup and no extra space needed. Thus, cable clutter is reduced around the TV.

Once we have all of the details on Samsung's latest audio products, we will share them.

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